George Neville Watson

Watson, George Neville


Born Jan. 31, 1886, in Westward Ho, Devonshire. English mathematician. Fellow of the Royal Society of London (1919). Professor of mathematics at the University of Birmingham from 1918.

Watson’s major works deal with mathematical analysis, particularly the theory of integral transformations, and with special functions, namely, hypergeometric and Bessel functions. He has also worked on the theory of diffracted radio waves. Watson has contributed to the solution of problems formulated without proof by the Indian mathematician S. Ramanujan.


In Russian translation:
Teoriia besselevykh funktsii. Moscow, 1949. Parts 1–2.
Kurs sovremennogo analiza, 2nd ed., parts 1–2. Moscow, 1963. (With E. T. Whittaker.)