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Through June 18, fans can vote for one personality in each category online at or by text at 96000 for Music Format On-Air Personality (Ellen K, Kid Kelly, Angie Martinez and John Tesh) and Spoken Word On-Air Personality (Mark Levin, Joe Madison, George Noory and Jim Rome).
The current host of his former show "Coast to Coast AM," George Noory also made an announcement about Bell's death during his show at 1:20 a.m.
"They speak on the level of consciousness," he told George Noory on the late-night radio show Coast to Coast AM, which focuses on the paranormal.
"I've been listening to, not only George Noory, but Art Bell for almost 25 years.
by George Noory, Richard Belzer and David Wayne claims that Flight MH370 was cyberjacked.
Voice of Liberty Award: Ted Anderson, Erskine, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, George Noory, Jeff Rense, John Stossel, Lars Larsen, Jerry Doyle, Robert Scott Bell, Deborah Ray, and Sean Hannity
When asked about mistakes he made during his KMOX tenure, Langmyer had to chuckle at one that stands out: "George Noory was a weekend news anchor who also filled in on our overnight talk show.
New Thinking That Will Rock Your World that high profile attorney Roy Black states “should be required reading for all literate human beings.” She has appeared on more than 300 radio and TV interviews during the past few years including George Noory's top-rated Coast To Coast and Cutting Edge Consciousness hosted by Producer of Academy Award winning What Dreams May Come, Barnet Bain.
The syndicated "Coast to Coast A.M." with George Noory will now start at 11 p.m.
Duminiak has been featured on Fox & Friends, Good Day Philadelphia, Arizona Midday, NBC News, Fox News, CBS, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.
Former KTRS personalities Darrell Ankarlo and George Noory earned mentions as well.