George Stubbs

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Stubbs, George,

1724–1806, English painter known for his studies of horses. Self-taught, Stubbs was interested in comparative anatomy and published his Anatomy of the Horse (1766), which is still admired for its accuracy and elegance. It gained him a first-rate career as a painter to the English gentry, specializing in horse portraits, family groups with carriages, and portraits of other domestic animals such as cattle and dogs. His Phaeton and Pair (National Gall., London) is well known. He also painted rural scenes. Stubbs was a skilled engraver and made many sporting prints.


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When George Stubbs arrived in London from the north, about 1759, he was already thirty-five and had been a practicing artist for at least fifteen years.
"To call George Stubbs 'just a horse painter' is like calling Leonardo da Vinci 'just a painter of humans,'" says Gary Vikan, director.
The late George Stubbs, who was a regular customer at the Loafers Vinyl & Coffee in Halifax Piece Hall
It also includes handwritten notes by Josiah Wedgwood and artist George Stubbs.
SAINT BARTHOLOMEW'S DAY 1724: George Stubbs, portrait and animal painter (especially horses), was born in Liverpool.
This was obviously not always the case, as for instance when George Stubbs painted the zebra that had been imported to England in 1762 by Sir Thomas Adams as a gift to Queen Charlotte, who kept a collection of exotic animals in the park of Buckingham House (as the palace was then known).
The horse won all his races and became an 18th-century celebrity, painted by top artists such as George Stubbs.
A PAINTING of a racehorse by George Stubbs fetched pounds 2.7million at auction yesterday - after lying undiscovered for more than 200 years.
"George Stubbs in the Collection of Paul Mellon" at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, April 8-September 6, 1999
Other artworks going on display to other parts of the country will include the National Gallery's famous George Stubbs horse portrait Whistlejacket, which last summer was exhibited at The Great North Museum: Hancock during the Great Exhibition of the North.