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Washington to George Washington Carver, 26 February 1911, Box 8, George Washington Carver Papers, Tuskegee University Archives [from here cited as Carver Papers, TUA]).
Listed in the book are both male and female inventors like Benjamin Banneker, Elijah McCoy, George Washington Carver and Jane Cooke Wright.
Colescott's attitude toward the blackness of comedy and the comedy of blackness put his work in dialogue with that of a number of African-American cultural practitioners who likewise emerged in the '70s and enjoyed cross-cultural appeal: George Clinton, David Hammons, Richard Pryor, and, perhaps most signally, Ishmael Reed, whose 1976 send-up of the slave narrative tradition, Flight to Canada, features George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware on the cover of recent editions.
He had become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London, had a feature film made of his life, saw the opening of the George Washington Carver Museum and received the Roosevelt Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Southern Agriculture.
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is accepting nominations for the annual George Washington Carver Award to recognize significant contributions by an individual in the field of industrial biotechnology, including applications in biological engineering, environmental science, biorefining and biobased products.
The renovation of the more than 70-year-old George Washington Carver Elementary school in Indianapolis took a liability and turned it into an energy-saving asset.
The SS George Washington Carver, was sold for scrap in 1964.
George Washington Carver and Percy Lavon Julian were the first black inductees in 1990.
George Washington Carver, my mentor, said, "Learn to do the common things uncommonly well.
Therefore, this study assessed the recollections of students who participated in a one-half-day field trip to George Washington Carver National Monument, a site devoted to a multicultural message.
The final essays describe heroes such as Jesse Owens, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver, Margaret Knight and others.
24 Equality Circle/Estate Planning seminar George Washington Carver Library, Austin, Texas.
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