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Tenders are invited for Silver, Church Square - alterations MK and silver street George of Podebrady - alterations MK
The subject of the public contract are alterations in MK Silver, Church Square and the streets of George of Podebrady.
In 1458 it was laid waste by the army of George of Podebrady, in 1468 it was devastated again during George of Podebrady's war with Matthias Corvinus, and two centuries later yet again by Swedish troops in 1645 during the Thirty Years War.
Moving the Central Military Archives of the existing building Invalides, Sokolov 136/24, Prague 8-Karlin and Administrative object archive ACR barracks George of Podebrady, Republic Square 4, Olomouc to the newly renovated building No.
George of Podebrady 7-8, Prague, 3 More detailed specifications are contained in the tender documentation.
george of podebrady 7-8/iv, praha 3 - replacement windows.
george of podebrady 7-8, praha 3 - replacement windows.