Georges Cadoudal

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Cadoudal, Georges


Born Jan. 1, 1771, in Kerléano; died June 25, 1804, in Paris. A leader of counterrevolutionary royalist uprisings during the Great French Revolution. Son of a peasant.

In 1793 Cadoudal took part in the counterrevolutionary revolt in the Vendée and after its suppression became the leader of the Chouans, a counterrevolutionary movement in northwestern France. In June 1794 he was arrested by the Jacobin government but was freed after the Thermidorian coup of that year. From 1797 to 1803, with some interruptions, he was an émigré in Great Britain. In December 1800 and August 1803 he organized attempts to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte. On Mar. 9, 1804, he was arrested in Paris, tried, and executed.


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