Georges Politzer

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Politzer, Georges


Born May 3, 1903, in Nagyvárad, Hungary (now Oradea in the Socialist Republic of Rumania); died May 23, 1942. French Marxist philosopher. Member of the Central Committee of the French Communist Party.

In the 1930’s Politzer helped found the Workers’ University in Paris. From the beginning of the fascist German occupation of France (1940) he was in the underground. A participant in the Resistance Movement, he was arrested by the Vichy authorities in 1942, turned over to the occupiers, and executed.

Politzer analyzed issues in philosophy (Basic Issues in Modern Philosophy, 1938), political economy, and other disciplines from a dialectical-materialist standpoint. He published a critique of Bergsonian irrationalism in 1929 and also argued against Freudi-anism. He sought to construct a concrete psychology, the subject of which was to be man’s real life, or “life drama,” rather than the abstract, artificial construct of inner psychic life posited by the classical introspective psychology of W. Wundt. Concrete psychology, according to Politzer, should focus attention on the reality-oriented thoughts and activity-oriented aspect of the individual’s psychic life.


Critique des fondements de la psychologie, part 1. Paris, 1928.
Ecrits, vols. 1–2. Paris, 1969.
In Russian translation:
In the collection Frantsuzskie kommunisty v bor’be za progressimuiu ideologiiu. Moscow, 1953.


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A lo largo del extenso arco que va del activismo antipsiquiatrico a la filosofia hermeneutica y fenomenologica, surgen criticas a lo que Georges Politzer llamo en 1928 la Gehirnmythologie, "la mitologia del cerebro".
During the '80s, when it was realised that a government institution such as the Sindhi Adabi Board couldn't play its due role, Joyo and his associates founded the Sindhi Writers' Cooperative Society under whose aegis were published 40 books, including Joyo's translation of Rousseau's The Social Contract and Georges Politzer's Elementary Principles of Philosophy.
Ja o pensador marxista Georges Politzer morreu antes de concluir seu projeto de critica das tres principais escolas psicologicas e da reconstrucao da psicologia, concluindo apenas o volume de critica da psicanalise (Politzer, 2004).
Pensamos que seu "diagnostico" tinha razao de ser; prova disso e que Vigotski nao estava sozinho em seu argumento, tendo seguido o caminho de alguns outros pensadores--da psicologia e fora dela, a exemplo de Georges Politzer (2004) e Karl Buhler (1927).
Pucheu, claimed Aragon, had likewise been deeply involved in the inhumane treatment and torture of the Communist philosopher and Resistant Georges Politzer by the Vichy police, prior to his execution by the Germans in May 1942:
Pucheu, alors ministre de l'Interieur de Vichy, qui s'etait specialement derange pour cela, que sous pretexte de tirer de lui on ne sait quelles denonciations, on ne sait quels aveux, qui ne purent etre obtenus, Georges Politzer fut mis a nu et sauvagement battu de verges, en particulier et avec insistance sur les parties sexuelles.
La philosophie des fondateurs -- dans la pensee des martyrs de la Resistance Jacques Solomon, Jacques Decour et Georges Politzer -- fut celle d'une maison d'edition non pas au service d'un parti politique ou de la patrie mais de la litterature libre.
Peri was not, of course, the only hero to be commemorated in Resistance poetry - Rene Leynaud, Colonel Fabien, Jacques Decour, Georges Politzer are other examples.