Georgian Fine-Fleeced Fat-Tailed Sheep

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Georgian Fine-Fleeced Fat-Tailed Sheep


produced from 1938 to 1959 at the El’dari sovkhoz in the Georgian SSR by a group of specialists directed by I. A. Ba-dzoshvili by means of crossing coarse-wooled sheep of the Tush breed with fine-fleeced rams of the Soviet Merino and Caucasian breeds. The weight of the rams is 75–85 kg, maximum 120 kg; ewes weigh 55–60 kg, maximum 95 kg. The fleece is fine and white, of staple structure, 60–64 quality, and 8–9 cm long, reaching 11 cm. The shearing from the rams is 7 kg, with a maximum of 11 kg; from the ewes, 4 kg, with a maximum of 6.5 kg. The pure wool yield is 47–53 percent. The fertility rate is 110–118 percent. The animals are adapted to mountain conditions and pasturage on long ranges. The breed is raised in the Georgian SSR.


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