Georgian Revival

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An inexact classification for buildings that share selected architectural features but, unlike an architectural style, may not share consistency of design, form, or ornamentation with other buildings similarly classified. When such buildings seemingly emulate an earlier prototype (for example, American Colonial Revival), important architectural details that characterize the prototype are often either omitted or exaggerated in size or importance; furthermore, other design elements may be added (such as a type of dormer, chimney, or window) that never existed in the prototype; or characteristic building materials of the prototype may be replaced with newer types of materials. Compare with architectural style.
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For something considerably more quaint, check in to the Independent (1234 Locust St.; 215-772-1440;, a 24-room boutique hotel in a historic Georgian Revival building The rooms fuse cathedral ceilings, original hardwood floors, and New Zealand wool area rugs with tech, including iPod docking stations and 32-inch LCD HD TVs.
Rezko helped bankroll Obama's early political campaigns and was intimately involved in helping Barack and Michelle Obama secure their dream-home property--a 6,400 square-foot Georgian Revival home with four fireplaces, six bedrooms and six bathrooms.
What sets the Boyer House apart from other examples of local colonial revival architecture is its lack of modification from the original architecture and its typical Georgian revival characteristics: accentuated front door; symmetrical facade; steeply pitched roof; chimneys rising at each end of the hour; and paired, double-hung sash windows.
In 1921 he opened the Phillips Memorial Gallery in his 1897 Georgian Revival home, and presented 87 American Impressionist paintings in the gallery's inaugural first season.
The hall, a listed Grade II star house, is an imaginative combination of Georgian revival and vernacular styles with the interior being neo-Georgian in style and detail.
The hall, a listed Grade II house, combines Georgian revival and vernacular styles with a neo-Georgian interior.
The exhibition, also titled "Wall of Light" and curated by Stephen Bennett Phillips, was installed on two floors of the museum's Goh Annex, an airy contemporary extension of the original 1897 Georgian Revival mansion.
The building itself is a work of architectural accomplishment, built in Georgian Revival style by Homblower and Marshall in 1897.
Located in Laurel's historic district, the Georgian Revival building contains more than 2,000 items and 10,000 square feet of galleries and exhibition rooms.
"What we can do," he said, "is to use our minds, remembering that a tradition without intelligence is not worth having." "Orthodoxy" and even "heresy" were both more salutary than an unanchored tradition; "we are always in danger, in clinging to an old tradition, or attempting to re-establish one, of confusing the vital and the unessential, the real and the sentimental." Now, perhaps because of the Georgian revival, to Eliot tradition seemed to be "of the blood, so to speak, rather than of the brain." (26)
The gallery occupied the north wing of the family's 1897 Georgian Revival mansion on 21st Street in the District of Columbia.

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