George Best

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Best, George,

1946–2005, Northern Irish soccer play, b. Belfast. Regarded as the greatest player ever in British soccer, he was signed by Manchester United in 1961. He first played for the team in 1963, and helped them win two First Division titles (1965, 1967) and the European Cup (1968). Noted for his deft ball control and fine sense of balance as well as on-field theatrics, he was adored by fans. The excesses of his playboy lifestyle contributed to the early end (1974) of his career with Manchester United, with 178 goals in 466 games. His later play with lesser teams, when he was increasingly hampered by alcoholism, never equaled his decade in the First Division.
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I THINK our friend Eddie Sanders has been out in the sun for too long suggesting that Gareth Bale is greater than my hero, Bobby Charlton, and the best of all, Georgie Best.
He was a great in the way the people he revered and admired, like Stein, Muhammad Ali and Georgie Best, were great.
I can picture you in bed in Heaven just as you were in Okehampton with Mikey sat on the end of your bed doing your head in, talking about Carol, Man UTD & Georgie Best & you doing his head in talking about Portmanmoor Rd & the model Inn & black and white films, I know in my heart he will keep you safe & always protect you as he idolised you Mam as you did him.
Georgie Best, big Brian Labone The legend Dixie Dean Alan Ball and Bobby Moore All made it in the team.
Stephen's a great guy and he's very talented but in some ways he's a little bit like a political Georgie Best.
I'd heard of Georgie Best, "..superstar, wears frilly knickers.." as the popular song went, and I'd seen him on TV playing with what appeared to be a ball stuck to a piece of string on the end of his boot.
I still look for the likes of Georgie Best, Tommy Lawton, Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, etc, but alas.
He may not quite be Georgie Best (below) but the big target man from Enniskillen could achieve something the great man never managed - to represent his country at a major finals.
Their brotherly love ended on Saturdays though - he was an Everton fan, his brother followed the Reds, but both loved Georgie Best and they would go to Old Trafford just to watch him.
Or seeing Georgie Best, a skinny kid from Belfast, make his debut for Manchester United on Match of the Day.
Football - 'Georgie Best would have run rings round this lot' - or rugby - 'yes, but he's hardly Gareth Edwards, is he?' - or even music - 'this is good, dude, but it ain't Zep' - are all hamstrung by the deference to a golden age that has long since turned sepia round the edges.