Georgii Sergeevich Berezko

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Berezko, Georgii Sergeevich


Born Aug. 25 (Sept. 7), 1905, in Vil’na. Russian Soviet writer. Participant in the Civil and Great Patriotic wars.

Berezko graduated from the department of history and ethnology of the University of Moscow (1927). He began to be published in 1942. He is the author of the novellas The Red Rocket (1943), The Division Commander (1944), and The Night of the Commander (1946; the play Courage, 1948, was based on it), portraying the heroism of Soviet people in defense of the homeland. The novel The Peaceful City (parts 1–2, 1951–54) shows the unity of the people in repelling the onslaught of German fascist troops in the first period of the war. The novel Stronger Than the Atom (1959; the film Jump at Dawn, 1961) is devoted to the peacetime days of the Soviet Army. Berezko is the author of the play Here I Come! (1958; new version Retribution, 1960). In 1963 he published the novella To Love and Not to Love (the film The Inextinguishable Flame, 1964) and in 1967 the novel Uncommon Muscovites. He has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and various medals.


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