Georgios Amartolos

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Georgios Amartolos


(George the Monk). Ninth-century Byzantine chronicler. Nothing is known about his personal life.

The Chronicle, written by Georgios Amartolos and completed around 867, covers the period from the “creation of the world” until 842. His interest is focused on questions of theology and church history; the characterization of events is given from an orthodox clerical point of view. Georgios Amartolos was hostile toward popular movements—for example, the uprising of Foma Slavianin. The Chronicle of Georgios Amartolos was extremely popular in Byzantium and has been preserved in a large number of manuscripts. During the tenth and 11th centuries it was translated into old Slavic-Russian and during the 11th and 12th centuries into Georgian.


Georgii Monachi chronicon, vols. 1-2. Edited by C. de Boor. Leipzig, 1904.


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