Georgios Drosines

Drosines, Georgios


Born Dec. 9, 1859, in Athens; died there November 1951. Greek poet and prose writer. Member of the Athenian Academy from 1926.

Drosines was the author of several collections of lyric poetry, including Spun Webs (1880), Closed Eyelashes (1918), and Sparks in the Ashes (1940). He wrote on love and friendship and left models of landscape poetry and civic poetry that called for the liberation of Greece from the Turkish yoke. Among his best prose works are Village and City Stories (1904) and the novel Ersi (1922). He affirmed everyday and psychological realism in modern Greek literature and used the language of the people.


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Near the beginning of the work, the editor thoughtfully included Demetrios's favorite poem by Georgios Drosines (1859-1951), here excerpted: "I don't want to be the sparkles reflecting on the sea .