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When the distribution of the continents was very different from what it is today, the current location of these mountain ranges was occupied by a deep geosyncline in which thousands of meters of sediment accumulated.
In the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic, the continent of Pangaea began to split up, and what are now North and South America moved westwards, causing the gradual raising and deformation of the materials of the geosyncline.
Geologically, this is the location of the anticline and fold zones of the Huabei (Northern China) Platform (also referred to as China-Korean Platform) and fold zones of the surrounding geosyncline.
Another major gold deposit area that accounts for over 70% of China's total placer gold is in the fold systems of Nei Mongol-Da Xingan Ling and Jilin-Heilongjiang, and the Pacific Coast geosyncline.
Geologically, this area is at the north side of the Jiamusi uplift and the Zhangguangcai Ling geosyncline.
The coal resources of South Korea are mainly distributed in coalfields which are located along the northeast-southwest trending Kangnung-Haenam line in the Okcheon geosyncline belt, although a few other small coalfields do occur in other locations.
In `Uranium in the Pine Creek Geosyncline, Proceedings of the International Uranium Symposium Sydney 4-8 June 1979'.