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["Gerald: An Exceptional Lazy Functional Programming Language", A.C. Reeves et al, in Functional Programming, Glasgow 1989, K. Davis et al eds, Springer 1990].
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(Herald), an island in the Chukchi Sea, 70 km east of Wrangel Island in the Chukchi National Okrug, Magadan’ Oblast, RSFSR. Area, approximately 10 sq km; maximum elevation, 366 m. It is covered with tundra flora. On the northwest the island ends in a narrow (60-70 m) spit of sand and gravel. The island was discovered in 1849 by the English naval captain H. Kellett and named in honor of the ship he commanded, the Herald.

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Dennis Padilla 'to.'" Gerald reportedly told Dennis that he was courting Julia andthat he and Bea Alonzo were over.
Gerald stressed that contrary to speculations, there is no third party involved in the breakup.
It seems that is the mantra of late of both Gerald and Julia.
Gerald's great nephew Nicky Fisher, 46, wore his Legion of Honour in his memory.
John Sambrooks He brings 20 years of experience in the sector, having worked for clients such as Unipart, Dow and DTZ Investors Jon Ryan-Gill, partner and head of Gerald Eve's Birmingham office, said: "Gerald Eve has a longstanding strength in the Midlands industrial sector and John's arrival will both cement this position and help deliver an even better level of service and advice to clients.
Gerald studied at Falmouth School of Art and has been a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy since 2003.
But as interesting as his past may be, it's Gerald's crazy contraptions and wacky inventions that have really captured people's attention.
Gerald's staccato prose and peripatetic storytelling combine the cadences of the Bible with an urgency reminiscent of James Baldwin in this powerfully emotional memoir.
He however admitted that consultation with the community of Gerald Estates should have been done prior to the rocks being taken.
Some netizens also claimed to have seen Pia and Gerald strolling in a mall together.
Both Gerald and Geraldine loved gardening and horticulture and both possessed good secretarial skills, including book-keeping.

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