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["Gerald: An Exceptional Lazy Functional Programming Language", A.C. Reeves et al, in Functional Programming, Glasgow 1989, K. Davis et al eds, Springer 1990].



(Herald), an island in the Chukchi Sea, 70 km east of Wrangel Island in the Chukchi National Okrug, Magadan’ Oblast, RSFSR. Area, approximately 10 sq km; maximum elevation, 366 m. It is covered with tundra flora. On the northwest the island ends in a narrow (60-70 m) spit of sand and gravel. The island was discovered in 1849 by the English naval captain H. Kellett and named in honor of the ship he commanded, the Herald.

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The Gerald that we have seen so far is only part of the story; it is just as easy to view him as an agent of English imperialism.
Then, a dream job appeared on the board one morning, and, as Gerald read the card, he noticed Geraldine next to him, also scanning the card.
Allan Grafton, chairman of the Friends of Debdale Park, said: "Sir Gerald would come in the park every Sunday and loved talking to people.
Keeping up with technology is not only a requirement as a lawyer, according to Gerald Wilkerson, but it is also one of the most important ways The Law Office of Gerald Wilkerson can help their clients as they deal with the most stressful times in their lives going through a divorce, or criminal prosecution.
For the record, however, the episode still had a happy ending, because her husband was conveniently disposed of by way of an annulment, so that Gerald could end up in Kim's arms again-
Margaret told how Gerald had excelled at school and wanted to go to university but was struggling to get funding.
Gerald, who was born prematurely with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelsally chair, fell in love with Ibiza 14 years ago and has been visiting ever since.
Malcolm Cohen, 70, who worked for Gerald for more than 30 years at his Cardiff menswear store, Calders, said: "Gerald was a real gentleman who really looked after his staff.
Gerald was yelling--which I'd never seen him do before--and then suddenly he was crying--which I'd never seen any grown man do before--and he blustered off and skidded his Datsun into a drainage ditch just immediately down the road.
The partnership and additional equity base is intended to provide Gerald with access to additional capital, allowing both Gerald and Pengxin to achieve their strategic objective of substantial growth in the commodity trading and resource sectors.
The >in around when Since a metropolitan St Davids threatened to withdraw the Welsh churches from Canterbury, the reigning archbishop, Hubert Walter, strenuously opposed Gerald.
Gerald admitted he might've made a few mistakes in life but he acknowledged, "Andami kong natutunan sa mga naging pagkakamali ko in the past and I'm still learning from it.

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