Nye, Gerald P.

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Nye, Gerald P. (Prentice)

(1892–1971) U.S. senator; born in Hortonville, Wis. Originally appointed and then elected to the U.S. Senate (Rep., N.D.; 1925–45), he chaired a special committee in 1934–36 investigating arms sales in World War I.
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Ike proved that he was no Gerald Nye by making Wilson his first secretary of defense.
If anything, Flynn was closer to the old progressives like Gerald Nye, Burton Wheeler, Gifford Pinchot, and Hiram Johnson, self-proclaimed advocates of the people against the interests.
The "Brown Conspiracy" supposedly included anti-interventionist politicians like Senators Burton Wheeler and Gerald Nye, both of whom supported the America First movement - which Derounian called "a spearhead aimed at the heart of democracy.
Three witnesses testified for the prosecution: the two sponsors of the resolution, Gerald Nye and Bennett Champ Clark, plus John Flynn.
Worth Clark, and Gerald Nye went down to defeat in 1944, while Wheeler met with a similar fate two years later.
The cast included, over a period of time, such figures as Asle Gronna, William Kenyon, Robert La Follette, John Blaine, Henrik Shipstead, William Borah, George Norris, Gerald Nye, and Burton Wheeler, among others.
The great national hero, Charles Lindbergh, was an active leader of the America First camp, aided and abetted by such prominent senators as Burton Wheeler, Hiram Johnson, Gerald Nye, and Arthur Vandenburg.