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Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of geraniol for the Candida strains were determined by the broth dilution method (22).
In this study, [beta]-myrcene, D-limonene, [beta]-ocimene, [gamma]-elemene, [beta]-citral, geraniol, caryophyllene, and [beta]-farnesene had higher concentrations in shoots from trees with symptoms of Huanglongbing.
One mL of phenylacetaldehyde (Acros Organics, Bridgewater, New Jersey), geraniol (Acros Organics, Bridgewater, New Jersey), anisole (Acros Organics, Bridgewater, New Jersey), and benzaldehyde (Sigma Aldrich, St.
dioica terebinthifolius terebinthifolius Name (RT) Name (RT) Name (RT) Camphene (9.23) [alpha]-pinene [beta]-myrcene (9.09) (7.12) [alpha]-Terpineol [alpha]- [alpha]-phellandrene (11.90) phellandrene (9.74) (8.48) Geraniol (12.67) b-pinene (8.66) 2-pentanone (10.46) [beta]-copaene b-myrcene (9.09) (-)-limonene (10.65) (13.74) Trans-3-caren- [beta]-pinene 2-ol (9.74) (13.67) 1R-[alpha]-pinene [gamma]-terpinene (9.83) (17.24) o-cymene (10.46) p-eugenol (24.89) (-)-limonene (10.66) A.
Upon administration of oral geraniol (60 mg/kg/day in divided doses for seven days), all symptoms completely subsided.
They also suggest that the components of ginger, namely, 6-gingerol, zingerone, and geraniol, could provide a protective effect on the prostate gland by acting as antioxidants and improving the overall male reproductive state.
Chemical standards of [alpha]-pinene, linalool, [alpha]-humulene ([alpha]-caryophyllene), nerol, 2-phenylethyl alcohol (PEA), [beta]-caryophyllene, citronellol, geraniol, methyl eugenol, and eugenol were supplied from Sigma Aldrich (USA) while NaCl was purchased from Merck (Germany).
The subjects sniffed aqueous solutions of cinnamaldehyde, methyl cinnamate, citral, citronellol, geraniol and phenyl ethyl alcohol (PEA) at low (1 ppm to 2.5 ppm) and mid-range concentrations (4 ppm to 100 ppm), in two separate sessions.
Cardamom has varied essential oils which include such as sabinene, pinene, myrcene, geraniol, linalool, 1, 8-cineole, limonene and citronellol among others that offer a wide range of benefits for skin, hair and health.