John Gerard

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Gerard, John

(jĕr`ärd, jərärd`), 1545–1612, English botanist and barber-surgeon. He compiled a catalog (1596) of the plants in his garden, the first of its kind to be published in England. He is best known for his Herball (1597), largely an adaptation of other works to which he added bits of folklore and some original observations.
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They and their offspring are celebrated in Gerard's Herbal, published in 1597, and for centuries people have cherished both the wild primrose and its multifarious cultivars.
Publication of Gerard's herbal eclipsed the gentlemanly exchange of the Lime Street naturalists.
Gerard's Herbal, a standard text first published in 1597, says, "S.
It is recorded in one of our oldest gardening books, Gerard's Herbal, in 1597 and even people disinterested in gardening can recognise it.
To find out what our forebears thought about the use of herbs, treat yourself to a copy of Gerard's Herbal, first published more than 300 years ago.
Gerard's Herbal published in 1597 tells of a flower which surrounded Coventry like a blue sea - the Coventry Bell.
I have found references from Gerard's Herbal and Culpeper's Complete Herbal as well as modern reference books to cures for hiccoughs, impotence, vomiting, ear ache, head aches, kidney stones, bad breath, snake bites, leprosy, household smells, diarrhoea, colds, sore throat, dandruff, skin irritations and measles.