a fortified settlement in Gaul, in the region of the Arverni tribe, 6 km south of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, France.

Gergovia was noted for its opposition to Julius Caesar in 52 B.C. Excavations in 1862 and the 1930’s and 1940’s uncovered the remains of an ancient Gallic settlement with stone fortifications, as well as dwellings and workshops. Also found were two Roman camps and other military works from which the Roman army carried out its siege of the fortress. Many artifacts were found, most of them relating to the La Tène culture.


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Contract notice: works contract concerning the replacement of the equipment of the centralized technical management (gtc) of the site gergovia to the rectorate of the academy of clermont-ferrand
En todo caso, de sus escritos se deduce que se trataba de centros economicos y politicos que ocupaban el lugar mas importante entre la jerarquia de aglomeraciones galas, llegando a emplear para algunos de ellos como Alesia, Gergovia o Avaricum el calificativo latino de urbs.
Las investigaciones arqueologicas sistematicas sobre los oppida comenzaron en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, correspondiendo el principal impulso inicial a los trabajos encomendados por el emperador frances Napoleon III en sitios nombrados en La Guerra de las Galias como Alesia, Gergovia o Uxellodunum (Fichtl 2012).
En concreto, tenemos referencias a los asedios de las ciudades galas de Bratuspancio, Avarico, Gergovia y Alesia (Galia), la ciudad griega de Marsella, y la ciudad romana de Salona.
He raised an armed following, seized the tribal oppidum of Gergovia (Gergovie, near Clermont-Ferrand) and was proclaimed king.
In late spring, Caesar laid siege to Vercingetorix's capital at Gergovia.
Andante (01722 713 800) offers sevenday journey from Sept 22 via Lyon, Burgundy and Sancerre wine regions, Bourges and great battle sites of Gergovia and Alesia.
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Principal battles: sieges of Avaricum (Bourges) and Gergovia (Gergovie, near Clermont-Ferrand), the Vingeanne, siege of Alesia (Alise-Sainte-Reine near Montbard) (52).
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