German Democratic Republic-Polish People's Republic Treaty of 1967 on

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German Democratic Republic-Polish People’s Republic Treaty of 1967 on Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Aid


signed on Mar. 15, 1967, in Warsaw. The treaty provides for the further development and strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Polish People’s Republic (PPR) in accordance with the principles of socialist internationalism, mutual aid, and mutual advantage and on the basis of equal rights and respect for the sovereignty of both parties to the treaty and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs.

The parties to the treaty are obliged to pursue a policy of peaceful coexistence of states with different social orders and to continue, in keeping with the United Nations Charter, to endeavor to ensure peace and security, relax international tensions, end the armaments race and achieve disarmament, and eliminate colonialism and neocolonialism. The two nations announced that the territorial integrity of both countries and the inviolability of the borders of the PPR on the Oder and Lausitzer Neisse rivers and the border between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany are very important for European security. Under the Warsaw Pact of 1955, the GDR and the PPR are obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent aggression by the West German forces of militarism and revanchism or by any other country or group of countries who might enter an alliance with West Germany. In case of an armed attack on one of the parties, the other party will immediately give aid. The parties to the treaty decided to continue their efforts to regulate peacefully the German problem, based on recognition of the existence of two sovereign German states. The GDR and the PPR agreed to consider West Berlin a special political unit. They agreed to develop and strengthen economic and scientific-technical relations under the principles of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, which seek to implement the coordination of national economic plans and the cooperation of member nations in production, and to develop cultural, scientific, and other ties. The treaty between the GDR and the PPR was concluded for 20 years.


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