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see National SocialismNational Socialism
or Nazism,
doctrines and policies of the National Socialist German Workers' party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945.
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In that review, under the title "Theorien des deutschen Faschismus" (Theories of German fascism), Benjamin no longer identifies Marxist directions of change with "bodily innervations of the collective" but takes issue with the violent ecstasies represented in Junger's volume to illustrate the contrasting role of technology in organized socialism.
So is that the Anglo-Australians who supported German fascism in the 1930s do not put in even a brief cameo appearance.
Their turn, toward the royalism of Charles Maurras in the case of Eliot, and toward Italian and German fascism, respectively, in the cases of Pound and Lewis, was consistent with the reformist fashion of the era's critical output.
(10.) Stefan Micheler, "Homophobic Propaganda and the Denunciation of Same-Sex- Desiring Men under National Socialism," in Sexuality and German Fascism, ed.
I agree with Strathausen that "there is nothing to be gained anymore from rehearsing the same old debate about her personal guilt or innocence vis-a-vis the horrors of German fascism" (37).
During their meeting at the Russian premier's official residence in the suburbs of Moscow, Putin told Hu that their countries greatly contributed to the victory over German fascism and Japanese militarism during the war.
Just as Rossellini employed a child's viewpoint to investigate the reasons everyday Germans succumbed to what he called "false morality, the very essence of Nazism," Haneke explores in his latest film, The White Ribbon, an etiology of German fascism that centers on children--the film's subtitle, "A German Children's Tale," appears ominously on-screen in alte deutsche Schrift, the Old German script used up until World War II--albeit youngsters considerably less innocent than Edmund.
President Demetris Christofias said all of humanity recognised the Greek heroism and the role played by their resistance against the Italian and German fascism which ultimately determined the outcome of the Second World War.
In contrast to the "British bulldog" spirit that enabled Britain to stand alone against the menace of German fascism, Ms.
specific interest homes in on the relationship between psychoanalysis and modern forms of what he calls "fundamentalism," a term under which he--perhaps erroneously, and in the interest of populist appeal--subsumes German fascism. A more subtle argument would distinguish more carefully between Freudian theories of patriarchal authority, present-day religious fundamentalism, and the mass political psychosis of German fascism, whereas for Edmundson they all are prepared in the same pot.
Not surprisingly, the focus is European, with much discussion of Italian and German fascism in particular, but fascism in Argentina, Libya, the United States, Iraq, and elsewhere is discussed as well.
Not surprisingly, critics now accuse him of hypocrisy for having pressured other public figures to come clean with their own political histories and for seeking to make German fascism a matter of national discourse over the years.

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