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A.D. 41?–A.D. 55: see BritannicusBritannicus
(Claudius Tiberius Germanicus Britannicus) , A.D. 41?–A.D. 55, Roman prince, son of Claudius I and Messalina, so called in honor of Claudius' conquests in Britain.
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the troops, and in the end Germanicus has no choice but to resort to
Most of the prayers in Sejanus are uttered by Arruntius, a choric consul who escapes tyrannical oppression by lying low and being lucky: his interlocutors at the beginning of the play, Silius and Sabinus, are arrested for treason in act 3 because of their sympathy for the party of Germanicus.
47) Thus for example T Flavius Pantaenus, 'priest of the philosophical Muses' could dedicate a library and its collection of books to Athena Polias and the Emperor Caesar Augustus Nerva Traianus Germanicus.
Tolkien's lengthy string of rulers adopting agnomina mirrors the growing number of victory titles (some earned but many simply inherited) taken by Roman emperors after Caligula made his grandfather's title Germanicus part of his own name, an example of increasing military and personal pride of which Tolkien would have been well aware.
Werk Graad Caesar 12 Dagboek van 'n soldaat 12 Putsonderwater 12 Die held 10 Periandros van Korinthe 10 Dias 9 Die heks 9 Germanicus 9 Wanneer see en branders dreun 8 Vermaak se kind 7 Voelvry: kroniekspel van 'n voortrek 7 Die jaar van die vuur-os 6 Kwart voor dagbreek: 'n 6 verhoogspel in drie bedrywe Lewenslyn 6 Asterion: libretto vir 'n 5 radiofoniese opera Bagasie: tripiek vir die toneel 5 Don Juan onder die Boere 5 Elders mooiweer en warm 5 Kanna hy ko hystoe 5 Koning-Eenoog; of Nie vir geleerdes 5 Moeder Hanna 5 Pa maak vir my 'n vlieer Pa 5 Tabel 11 : Graadsentraliteite van dramas in die 1960's.
There are so many historic sites like this all over Europe, like the Silesian Walls of Poland, Limes Germanicus in Germany and Murus Dacicus in Romania.
The main figures are Octavian Augustus, Tiberius, Germanicus, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.
Asi mismo se cita por primera vez para Peru: Ameroseius nova (Ameroseidae), Asca germanicus, Protogamasellus bifurcalis (Ascidae), Blatissocius tarsalis(Blatissocidae).
By 1804, Hamilton had shifted attention from contemporary India to classical Rome with her Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, Wife of Germanicus, a work that attempts to combine a novelistic structure (as it focuses on the melodramatic life of an admirably strong but tragic female character) with both a detailed account of classical history and an historiographical analysis of the sorts of lessons that history can offer.
Two of the bass cantatas likewise represent dramatic figures: the ancient Roman Germanicus (no.
The next stage of his journey begins in 2015 when he takes on the Roman Frontier in Germany, the Limes Germanicus, which is well documented and has world heritage status.