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A.D. 41?–A.D. 55: see BritannicusBritannicus
(Claudius Tiberius Germanicus Britannicus) , A.D. 41?–A.D. 55, Roman prince, son of Claudius I and Messalina, so called in honor of Claudius' conquests in Britain.
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Dentre essa miscelanea de informacoes devemos nos concentrar, nesse caso, nos tres titulos vinculados aos feitos militares do Cesar: Germanicus, em virtude da organizacao do limes da Germania; Dacicus, pelas vitOrias sobre Decebalo e transformacao de seu reino em provincia romana; Parthicus, em nome da conquista, efemera, do imperio dos partos, ocorrida nos anos finais de seu governo.
At some future time, I will send to you a copy of Manilius and with it Aratus with the accompanying translation by Germanicus Caesar, which I endeavour soon to furnish with emendations, along with some very ancient drawings of the stars, if at last I shall receive a skilled engraver from you.
(2007): "Germanicus, flamen Augustalis et la creation de nouveaux flaminats a Rome", Gerion, 25 (1), pp.
Widmayer begins with the first and perhaps the most famous dramatic scene in The New Atalantis: the discovery of Germanicus lying on a bed filled with flowers in a sexually suggestive posture, gazed on by the Duchess de L'Inconstant and, through her eyes, by the reader.
It felt to me as though I were passing over the Limes Germanicus, the border the Romans built on the Rhine, away from the dark woods and into civilisation.' In 1956-57 Uecker created his first nail paintings, Malereiumnagelung and Das gelbe Bild (Fig.
Germanicus, who was present there, and along with it the legions in
Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus is better known by what name?