Germenegild Jirecek

Jireček, Germenegild


Born Apr. 13, 1827, in Vysoké Myto; died there Dec. 29, 1909. Czech historian and jurist; doctor of law (1855); member of the Royal Czech Society of Sciences (1858).

Jireóek graduated from the University of Prague with degrees in philosophy (1846) and law (1850). He participated in the Revolution of 1848. During 1848–50 he worked on the journal Národni Noviný. In 1850 he moved to Vienna, where he founded Vesna, the literary supplement to the journal Videňsky Dennik.

Jireóek is the author of the basic work Slavic Law of the Czechs and Moravians (1863–72). He wrote a large number of studies and articles (primarily on the history of Czech law). He was a corresponding member of the academies of sciences of St. Petersburg, Vienna, and Zagreb.


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