Gerson Trier

Trier, Gerson


Born Apr. 23, 1851, in Copenhagen; died there Dec. 22,1918. Danish political figure.

Trier was acquainted with F. Engels, with whom he corresponded. A teacher by profession, he joined the Social Democratic Party of Denmark (SDPD) in 1888 and led the struggle against the reformists; he became a member of the party’s Central Committee in 1901. During World War I he was an internationalist. In September 1916, Trier left the Social Democratic Party as a sign of protest against the resolution adopted at one of the party’s congresses, approving the entry of party leader T. Stauning into the bourgeois Danish government in early 1916. In April 1918, Trier helped found the Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark.

V. I. Lenin valued Trier’s revolutionary activity highly (see V. I. Lenin, Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 30, pp. 194–95; vol. 31, pp. 174,369–70,372).