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, ancient name of the European region corresponding roughly to modern Romania (including Transylvania). It was inhabited before the Christian era by a people who were called Getae by the Greeks and were called Daci by the Romans.
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northeastern Thracian tribes related to the Daci. By the first century B.C. the Getae had settled the area along both sides of the lower Danube, from the Osǔm River on the west to the Black Sea coast on the east. Their chief occupations were farming and cattle raising. During 70-60 B.C. the Getae joined the Daci, creating a powerful military and tribal union under the Dacian leader Burebista. During 30-20 B.C. the Getae were subdued by Rome, but they kept fighting stubbornly for their freedom. Finally in A. D. 106 the Roman emperor Trajan conquered the Getae, and their territory became part of the newly organized province of Dacia.

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"These are amazing findings from the apogee of the rule of the Getae," the paper quoted Diana Gergova, head of the archaeologist team at the site of the ancient Getic burial complex, as saying.
Thus the South-West Development Region's relief has a relatively balanced distribution: the Carpathians and the Getic Subcarpathians in the North, with interesting landforms, covered with forests, pastures and hay fields, the Getic Piedmont and the Oltenia Plain in the south, with plain landforms, adequate vegetation and a great agricultural potential (Fig.1).
Safe still-- I pray!--may she thread vast Pontus's entrance-channel and enter the waters of the Getic shore.
Romania is the country with an old tradition in vinery growing, which is certified by the archeological discoveries (Getic and Dacian tools), many centuries before Christianity.
[Not otherwise--if Getic Phlegra be worthy credence--stood Briareus vast in bulk against embattled heaven, contemning on this hand Phoebus' quiver, on that the serpents of stern Pallas, here Mars' Pelethronian pinewood shaft, with point of iron, and yonder the thunderbolts oft changed for new by weary Pyracmon, and yet complaining, though combated in vain by all Olympus, that so many hands were idle.] (Theb.
(De raptu 1.69-75) Just as the mighty Boreas, when armed with harsh whirlwind, hoary with snowy ice--his wings frozen with Getic hail--desires to blow forth to ravage the woods and fields with a roaring tempest; but if by chance a hostile Aeolus throws against him brazen doors, the assault disappears into the void and the broken gales return to their prison.
Some feel that the high quality of the Guigal wines and the great reviews writers have given these wines, coupled with the ener getic and competent marketing efforts of Etienne and his son, were the impetus behind the international rediscovery of the Cote Rotie region in the past two decades.
But she says dealing with an ener getic two-year-old takes the most energy.
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