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see DaciaDacia
, ancient name of the European region corresponding roughly to modern Romania (including Transylvania). It was inhabited before the Christian era by a people who were called Getae by the Greeks and were called Daci by the Romans.
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northeastern Thracian tribes related to the Daci. By the first century B.C. the Getae had settled the area along both sides of the lower Danube, from the Osǔm River on the west to the Black Sea coast on the east. Their chief occupations were farming and cattle raising. During 70-60 B.C. the Getae joined the Daci, creating a powerful military and tribal union under the Dacian leader Burebista. During 30-20 B.C. the Getae were subdued by Rome, but they kept fighting stubbornly for their freedom. Finally in A. D. 106 the Roman emperor Trajan conquered the Getae, and their territory became part of the newly organized province of Dacia.

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Research: Seventy subjects, aged 65 and older, who had mild cognitive impairment, were randomly assigned to receive four GETO capsules and two placebo pills, two piracetam pills (a psychoactive drug) and four placebo pills, or six placebo pills three times a day for three months.
While the new Church of San Salvador (the Holy Savior) was built in the center of the city, the final resolution of this process was to confine the Jews--theologically supplanted by the Christian verus Israel (the "true" Israel)--at the margins, in the Geto Novo.
His stances on marriage and marijuana will guarantee him ''a very strong progressive legacy,'' said Ethan Geto, a gay-rights lobbyist and Democratic political consultant in New York.
Besides Depp, other major stars featured on this album include Kanye West's artist, Cyhi The Prynce as well as Knoc-turn'al, Crooked I, Young Buck, Nappy Roots, Shawty Lo, Big Mike from The Geto Boys, Grandmaster Roc Raida of the X-ecutioners, Cam'ron, Fred The Godson, The Ying Yang Twins, Jay Rock, Pill (formerly of Maybach Music Group), Bay-C of T.
Gadael --'u cynffonnau rhwng eu coesau wnaeth y dwsin o eisteddfodwyr ff'l ar 'l clywed y band Saesneg, a mynd draw i geto Cymraeg arall yn y clwb rygbi.
Veteran New York City liberal activist and lobbyist Ethan Geto was equally optimistic about the impact of the new court decision in his state, "The more that other states--especially neighbors like Connecticut-enact marriage equality, the comfortable legislators in New York and New Jersey will become with the concept.
His characteristics put him somewhere between the Dukes of Hazzard and CB4--or maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Geto Boys.
The aesthetic complexity of some of the lyrics by prominent hardcore (some say gangsta) rappers such as Snoop Doggy Dog, Scarface from the Geto Boys, and Ice Cube and the genius of the best music that accompanies it almost always are overlooked completely in the attacks on rap, in part out of genuine ignorance (similar dismissals have clung to the reception of all black American music, jazz included), and in part because exploring these facets of rap's lure would damage the process of creating easily identifiable villains.
This was the New Foundry, or geto nuovo, from which the word "ghetto" originated.
Best Coast, Master P, Geto Boys, John McCauley and Friends featuring sets from Deer Tick and Diamond Rugs, Ultramagnetic MCs, The Cool Kids, Jonny Fritz, Those Darlins, Hands, Beach Party, The Black Cadillacs, Bogus Boys and Spenzo, Chance the Rapper, Show You Suck, Little Barrie, Heliotropes, Girl in a Coma, The Sour Notes, The Sword and more.
Mae'r Eisteddfod wedi troi'n ormod o geto hunangynhaliol.