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see DaciaDacia
, ancient name of the European region corresponding roughly to modern Romania (including Transylvania). It was inhabited before the Christian era by a people who were called Getae by the Greeks and were called Daci by the Romans.
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northeastern Thracian tribes related to the Daci. By the first century B.C. the Getae had settled the area along both sides of the lower Danube, from the Osǔm River on the west to the Black Sea coast on the east. Their chief occupations were farming and cattle raising. During 70-60 B.C. the Getae joined the Daci, creating a powerful military and tribal union under the Dacian leader Burebista. During 30-20 B.C. the Getae were subdued by Rome, but they kept fighting stubbornly for their freedom. Finally in A. D. 106 the Roman emperor Trajan conquered the Getae, and their territory became part of the newly organized province of Dacia.

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