Getty Center

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Getty Center,

art museum complex in Brentwood, Calif., operated by the J. Paul GettyGetty, Jean Paul,
1892–1976, American business executive, one of the richest men in the world during his life, b. Minneapolis, Minn. He inherited his father's oil business, George F. Getty, Inc., becoming its president and general manager in 1930.
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 Trust. It consists of six buildings on 124 acres (50 hectares) located on a spectacular promontory overlooking Los Angeles. Designed by architect Richard MeierMeier, Richard
, 1934–, American architect, b. Newark, N.J., educated at Cornell. During the 1960s, he was a member of the New York "Five" or "white" architects, a group that emulated the early International style. In such projects as the Smith House in Darien, Conn.
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, the center opened in 1997. The museum houses the Getty collections of European paintings, drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, and decorative arts and American and European photographs. The complex also maintains a research library and archives, which include performance and lecture facilities; conservation and art historical research institutes; and educational and computer centers. The first Getty Museum was located at J. Paul Getty's home in Malibu. The second is a Roman-style villa in Malibu that opened in 1974 and after major renovations reopened in 2006; it now exhibits the Getty's outstanding collection of classical antiquities and serves as a center for comparative archaeology and cultures.
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Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles is returning an ancient marble statue to Italy.
Paul Getty Museum, which purchased this work in June 1989 notes that as a portraitist, Pontormo "was renowned for his subtle, complex psychological studies; here he conveyed the naive arrogance and vulnerability of youth.
This astonishing project includes 147 works from the complete Wagstaff Collection of 26,000 photos, purchased by the Getty Museum for $4.
Paul Getty Museum to compile an impressive, 112 page collection of period photographs that showcase with memorable visual imagery a variety of architectural construction, objects and features chronologically arranged from antiquity to the modern age.
Paul Getty Museum collection, with minimal additional commentary.
Ritts died at the age of 50 in 2002; now an exhibition showcasing his distinctive images, curated by the Getty Museum, travels to Sarasota.
Paul Getty Museum of Los Angeles (USA) is currently exhibiting 13th century Lord Ganesha in its "Gods of Angkor" exhibition, which will continue till August 14.
Summary: <p>California's Getty Museum, one of the world's richest art institutions, has received the first two artworks from Italy under a deal that settled a 2006 dispute over looted antiquities.
Paul Getty Museum is to return 26 ancient artefacts to Italy despite a breakdown in negotiations between the Italian government and the Los Angeles museum.
Where U've seen her before: At the Getty Museum leading the ``Art of Egg Tempera Panel Painting'' course.
Alisa Koonen as Phaidra," 1925, by Sergei Sergeevich Ignatov and Georgii Avgustovich Stenberg at the Getty Museum.
Building amenities include a professional screening room that accommodates 35 with theater seats originally designed by Meier for the Getty Museum, private wine cellar and a sunken, natural light-filled double-height atrium with private fitness center.