Gevork Zakharovich Bashindzhagian

Bashindzhagian, Gevork Zakharovich


Born Sept. 16 (28), 1857, in Signakhi, Georgia; died Oct. 4, 1925, in Tiflis. Painter. One of the first Armenian landscape artists.

Bashindzhagian studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1879–83) with M. K. Klodt. He was influenced by A. I. Kuindzhi. Bashindzhagian worked in Tiflis and painted outstanding landscapes of the Caucasus. His best paintings show an epic feeling for nature and portray the effects of light masterfully. His works are The Birch Grove (1883), The Alazan’ Valley (1902), and Ararat (1912); all of them are in the Picture Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan).


Gevork Zakharovich Bashindzhagian. Moscow, 1963. (An album of reproductions.)