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, island, c.2 sq mi (5.2 sq km), in Mumbai harbor, Maharashtra state, W India. It is noted for six Brahmanic caves, carved (8th cent.) from solid rock some 250 ft (76 m) above sea level.
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25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday described the electricity supply to Gharapuri Isle, which houses the UNESCO World Heritage site Elephanta Caves, as a 'new phase of development'.
There are three villages - Shetbandar, Morabandar and Rajbandar - on this island also known as Gharapuri, where the locals are mostly engaged in tourism, fishing, rice cultivation and boat repairing.
Gharapuri Island (Elephanta caves), a famous tourist spot is located on the north side of the creek.
Tenders Are Invited For Costruction Of New Subcentre At Gharapuri Under - Koproli P.
Making his way by crowded train to the village of Gharapuri, he's met by Purohit N.
5-km long undersea cable has brought electricity to the world-famous Gharapuri Isle, which houses the UNESCO world heritage site.
Highest density found at site I could be correlated to the daily disposal of voluminous quantity of untreated domestic waste and sewage, port effluents, coastal tourism to Gharapuri Island and human settlement in the stretch of the Sheva creek [33].
Tenders Are Invited for Widening and Increasing Height of Existing Old Jetty at Gharapuri,tal.
Tenders are invited for (Recall-Ii) Ar(Np) To Elephanta Caves At Gharapuri, Tal.
The Elephanta Caves was earlier known as Gharapuri.
Tenders are invited for (Recall-I) Ar (Np) To Elephanta Caves At Gharapuri, Tal.
UG Cable network in Gharapuri Island under Panvel Division of Vashi Circle of Bhandup Urban Zone