Gheorghiu, stefan

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Gheorghiu, ştefan


Born Jan. 15, 1879, in Ploeşti; died Mar. 19, 1914, in Bucharest. Activist in the Rumanian labor movement.

After the disintegration of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Rumania in 1899, Gheorghiu strove for the restoration of a workers’ party and the creation of trade unions. In 1907 he was sentenced to six months in prison for revolutionary activity. In the same year he was elected in absentia to the General Council of the Trade Unions of Rumania. He fought against the opportunists in the leadership of the Social Democratic Party, which had been restored in 1910. In 1912 he led a group of socialists who opposed Rumania’s being drawn into the war in the Balkans. He had been elected secretary of the Union of the Transport Workers of Rumania in 1912, and in April 1913 he led a strike in Brăila.


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