Gherardo delle Notti

Gherardo delle Notti:

see Honthorst, Gerrit vanHonthorst, Gerrit van
, 1590–1656, Dutch portrait, genre, and allegorical painter. In Italy (c.1610–1620) he gained a sound understanding of the works of Caravaggio, which greatly affected his style.
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Three paintings, 'L'Adorazione dei Pastori' by Gherardo delle Notti, and the 'Giocatori di Carte' and 'Concerto' by Bartolomeo Manfredi, were lost for ever and many others -- at the time the count was thirty -- were badly damaged, as was the famous Buontalenti staircase, while in the whole of the west wing lay piles of broken glass and fallen plaster.
Cuts and abrasions on two paintings by the painter from Utrecht, known as Gherardo delle Notti, 'La Buona Ventura' and 'Adorazione del Bambino', restored with immense skill by two expert painting restorers, Sandra Freschi and Nicola MacGregor, are practically invisible.