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see Guelphs and GhibellinesGuelphs and Ghibellines
, opposing political factions in Germany and in Italy during the later Middle Ages. The names were used to designate the papal (Guelph) party and the imperial (Ghibelline) party during the long struggle between popes and emperors, and they were also used
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; HohenstaufenHohenstaufen
, German princely family, whose name is derived from the castle of Staufen built in 1077 by a Swabian count, Frederick. In 1079, Frederick married Agnes, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, and was created duke of Swabia.
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The Guelf and Ghibelline parties were ordered to kiss on the mouth and the peace was formalized by notarial acts ("fermando la detta pace con solennie vallate carte"); Giovanni Villani, Nuova Cronica, ed.
Because of the author's strongly secular mentality, only the Ghibelline aspects have positive value, while the Guelfs' aspects are automatically negative.
Given Sayers's interpretation, the reader wonders what becomes of the conflicts between Guelf and Ghibelline, Philip and Boniface, and papacy and empire, to take specific examples.
Beritola is forced to part from her husband, the Ghibelline leader Arrighetto Capece, when Charles of Anjou defeats Manfred at Benevento in 1266.
Since even the canonists recognized the emperor as "lord of the world," (38) he proclaimed the Ghibelline views of the emperor's superiority to the pope and relegated the papacy only to things spiritual: "Among those living in this world and all that belongs to mutable and human things and temporal power, nothing is greater than the Empire": "Unctio enim non facit maiorem eum qui ungit eo qui ungitur" ("Unction does not make him who anoints greater than him who is anointed").
You don't pull one rope, but call the one and the other ghibelline," one Englishman observed of the Florentines (163).
Con la morte di Arrigo VII svaniscono le ultime speranze ghibelline e per Dante non giunge il "gaudium expectatum" (Ep.
Like Farinata, the exiled Ghibelline heretic tormented in hell by Florence's resolve to punish him and his family even after death (Inf.
Similarly, we have an excerpt from the Florentines' angry response to Pope Gregory X, who had exhorted them to accept the return of Ghibelline exiles (268-69): "There was much that was surprising in your speech, but what absolutely stunned us was your question--as though You didn't know the answer--`What means this partisanship?
1480-1503), completing Filelfo's work with his own gloss (Venice, 1484), chronicles Petrarch's affiliations with other northern Italian Ghibelline lords.
The names Guelf and Ghibelline indicated all too well-established party rivalries, but as if their long-running hostility were not bad enough, during Cino's youth the Guelf faction itself divided again into two sub-parties with names that stressed their members' polarization, as they split into Neri and Bianchi.
Zenobius] was Bishop of Florence and a Florentine citizen of the Girolami family of the parish of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence; the Guelph Party had never gone to make an offering on his feast day because the house of the Girolami was held to be Ghibelline, and thus the Guelph Party never went to make an offering, and in this day and year they began, in the name of God and the gracious St.