Iran: see GilanGilan
or Ghilan
, province (1991 pop. 2,204,047), 14,709 sq mi (38,106 sq km), NW Iran, bounded in the N by the Caspian Sea and in the SE by the Elburz Mts. Rasht is the capital and chief city; other cities include Zanjan and Bandar-e Anzali.
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Adhering to an ethical method of slaughter, however, does not exempt Muslims from perpetuating the suffering of animals.In a USA Today feature, Mohammed Ghilan, a student of Islamic jurisprudence, points out the Muslim hypocrisy of stressing halal meat while "contributing to the non-halal slaughter by consuming dairy and other animal derivatives.
Mesmary announced that an Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainer had taken off from the Faculty of Civil Aviation of Misrata and struck the forces at the bottom of the mountains in Abou Ghilan. The spokesperson revealed that the jet used to belong to the Libyan Air Force, and that the General Command knows the identity of its pilot and crew.
JEDDAH: Excavations at the Ghilan archaeological site in the Riyadh region have revealed glazed and unglazed pottery fragments dating back to the early Islamic era.
Riyadh, Safar 1, 1440, Oct 10, 2018, SPA -- Archaeological excavations at the archaeological site of Ghilan in Audat Sudair of Al-Mujamaa governorate in Riyadh region revealed a number of glazed and unglazed pottery fragments dating back to the early Islamic era indicating an early settlement period thereof.
Basra / NINA / -The director of Basra International Airport Samir Younis Ghilan confirmed that "The air traffic to and from the airport is normal and did not stop or be affected by the security developments in the province," denying at the same time any fall of any missile at the airport.
- Ghilan Abdul Ghani al-Dubaei, Head of the Second Central Division at Audit Sector of Administrative Units;
* 26-end of Ramadan: Sheikh Dr Mohammad Abdallah Ghilan, imam of Al Nakheel Mosque and reciter in the Prophet's Mosque.
Mohamed Ghilan is a neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Canada, and a student of Islamic jurisprudence.
Q: Over the years, you've known and worked with many Israelis, and we have mutual friends like [the late] Maxim Ghilan. Inside Israel, how do you see the mood among the Jewish population?