Iran: see GilanGilan
or Ghilan
, province (1991 pop. 2,204,047), 14,709 sq mi (38,106 sq km), NW Iran, bounded in the N by the Caspian Sea and in the SE by the Elburz Mts. Rasht is the capital and chief city; other cities include Zanjan and Bandar-e Anzali.
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The Yemeni army troops are close to regaining control of Naqil bin Ghilan in Nihm district, the sources noted.
16-20 Ramadan: Sheikh Abdullah Ghilan, Qur'an reciter at the prophet's mosque (KSA).
Ghilan Chaalali, joueur de l'EST, suspendu pour 6 matchs en plus d'une amende de 1000 dinars
Ghilan Abdul Ghani al-Dubaei, Head of the Second Central Division at Audit Sector of Administrative Units;
26-end of Ramadan: Sheikh Dr Mohammad Abdallah Ghilan, imam of Al Nakheel Mosque and reciter in the Prophet's Mosque.
Mohamed Ghilan is a neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Canada, and a student of Islamic jurisprudence.
Q: Over the years, you've known and worked with many Israelis, and we have mutual friends like [the late] Maxim Ghilan.
Awal Theatre Festival: Staging of play The Two Immigrants by Srafoo Meromrogy, performed by the Awal Theatre, translated by Ali Al Sherawi and directed by Jamal Al Ghilan, 8pm, Cultural Hall, near Bahrain National Museum, Manama.
Maxim Ghilan, How Israel Lost Its Soul (1974): 233.
Schilder (1926 : 325) hat in Form von Ghilan Bas 'Schlangenkopf' ein transkaukasisches Wort er wahnt.
12; Maxim Ghilan, "Demons in the Bottle" en Israel and Palestine Political Report, num.
Mohamed Ghilan, an Islamic law scholar dissected Wood's argument with integrity based on real, authentic knowledge of both Islam and the Middle East region.