(gôr), or


(go͝or), mountainous region and province (1979 est. pop. 341,000), 14,085 sq mi (36,479 sq km), W central Afghanistan, including a ruined medieval city of the same name. Chagcharan is the provincial capital. The powerful Muslim Ghorid dynasty was established in the former city of Ghor in the 12th cent. It was overthrown by Muhammad of Khwarazm in 1215. Mongols under Jenghiz Khan took Ghor in 1221, after which the Karts (Mongol clients) ruled (c.1245–1379). The city then lapsed into obscurity.
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Amman, June.11 (Petra) -- Police investigations into allegations of an employee at the Ghor al-Safi post office, in the southern governorate of Karak, who claimed that he was attacked and robbed of JD8,000 in his possession, showed that "the incident was fabricated," the Public Security Department (PSD) said Tuesday.
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], Jun 9 (ANI): At least 15 people, including civilians, were killed in an attack by a group of Taliban terrorists in Ghor province in western Afghanistan on Friday night, an official of Ghor Provincial Council said on Saturday.
Afghan men working at a site near the Minaret of Jam following floodwaters in the Shahrak District of Ghor Province.
Some 3,700 years ago, a meteor or comet exploded over the Middle East, wiping out human life across a swath of land called Middle Ghor, north of the Dead Sea, say archaeologists who have found evidence of the cosmic airburst.
Anti-government militants have abducted three employees of the voters' registration service in the southern Ghor province and shot dead two guards of the registration site in the eastern Nangarhar province over the past week.
Meanwhile, Afghan local policemen from Ghor Tapa area were on their way to assist the under attack troops but the policemen were ambushed by the Taliban in an area between Ghor Tapa and Momin Pul.
FIROZKOH: Human trafficking cases have increased in western Ghor province where 45 such cases were recorded this year, the provincial justice department chief said on Tuesday.
According to Radio Pakistan, Pakistan has strongly condemned suicide attacks at mosques in Kabul and in the province of Ghor in Afghanistan.
TEHRAN (FNA)- At least 35 people were killed when the Taliban attacked a hospital in Central Ghor province over the weekend, a presidential spokesman said Monday.
Abdul Basir Yousuf, who worked as an interpreter for Lithuanian troops in Afghanistan's Ghor Province, was the first of the men to arrive in Lithuania in April 2016.
'TALIBAN insurgents have killed 26 Afghan civilians after abducting them in the remote central province of Ghor the previous day, officials said.