Ghost Image

Ghost image (optics)

An undesired image appearing at the image plane of an optical system. Each surface of an optical system divides the incoming light into two parts: (1) the reflected light, which returns into the first medium, and (2) the refracted light. The reflected light is again divided into two parts when it in turn strikes another dividing surface. The light thus reflected twice forms an image which may be near the plane of the primary image. This may be a false image of the object or an out-of-focus image of a bright source of light in the field of the optical system. Thus a large number of undesired or ghost images may appear. See Optical image, Reflection of electromagnetic radiation, Refraction of waves

If the ghost images are far out of focus, they only diminish the contrast in the primary image, a condition known as flare. But if the ghost images are near the focal plane, they are very disturbing. This effect is especially noticeable if there is a bright light source in the field of the instrument, since the ghost image of the light source may have an even greater brightness than the image of the desired object. The coating of lenses with layers of fluorite and other materials has nearly eliminated ghost images from modern optical systems.

Ghost Image


a secondary image that appears in the image plane of an optical system because of the reflection of light from the surfaces of components such as lenses, prisms, and plates. The chief cause of ghost images in lens systems is the multiple reflection of light from the lens surfaces. If brightly illuminated portions of the object being viewed border on sharply delineated shadows, the appearance of ghost images from such portions in the shaded parts of the primary image may noticeably distort the image of the object. Ghost images can be controlled by the use of antireflection coatings on the surfaces of the optical components.

ghost image

[′gōst ‚im·ij]
An undesired duplicate image near the desired image on a television receiver or computer display screen.
An undesired image appearing at the image plane of an optical system; it may be a false image of the object or an out-of-focus image of a bright source of light in the field of the optical system.
A false image of a spectral line produced by irregularities in the ruling of a diffraction grating.
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I had to stop myself from turning to his ghost image to my right, as I visualised him grinning hugely.
As for what everyone wants to know about - the sex - at one point we see a ghost image of Anastasia with what can only be described as a horse hair soft whip being brushed across her face.
After opening with a shot of the filmmaker's mother in a hospital bed (upon which has been superimposed a ghost image of snow billowing into the lens), "Broken Record" actually opens in Iceland.
Moreover, the BenQ G1 digital camera is packed with innovative features such as background defocus for DSLR-like images, handheld night shot, exclusive image registration, and ghost image removal, continuous burst, and multi-shot 16.
One big difference with a touchscreen tablet over a pointer or mouse on a laptop or PC is that there's no "mouse-over" capability with a tablet, whereas a pointer on a laptop or a mouse on a desktop can hover over something on a web page to make a ghost image appear with more detailed information.
Firstly, trigger MY9268 Automatic Black Frame Insertion and within adjustable period, pull output pin to high voltage, therefore ghost image will be abated.
To look for evidence of quantum behavior, Miles Padgett of the University of Glasgow in Scotland and colleagues designed a system to create a ghost image of an appropriately ghoulish object (above).
No matter which way he turned, it kept popping up in front of him, like some maddening ghost image, on TV and newspaper front pages, in reporters' persistent questions, and at the top of his discussions with other heads of state at an annual summit of Pacific Rim nations.
Have each group incorporate a transparent ghost image or outline of a traditional artifact, (like the canoe), a three-dimensional contemporary equivalent of a traditional form, (like the baskets), and collaged images and quotes related to the issue in their own artwork.
A hologram with a single color, ultraviolet and ghost image, which prevents fraudulent creation of cards.
Other innovations include ghost image elimination, true 16-bit color, drastic reduction of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) emissions and scan refresh rates of up to 16 KHz.
When told about the ghost image, Joan said: "I'm a bit frightened and yet I always knew she was with me.