Ghost of Hamlet's Father

Ghost of Hamlet’s Father

the appears to the prince, states he was murdered by Claudius and demands revenge. [Br. Lit.: Hamlet]
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'This is an occupation,' said the lawyer, laying down his pen and emptying his glass, 'which seems to bring him before my eyes like the Ghost of Hamlet's father, in the very clothes that he wore on work-a-days.
(Mem., this diary seems horribly like the beginning of the "Arabian Nights," for everything has to break off at cockcrow, or like the ghost of Hamlet's father.)
It is the ghost of Hamlet's father describing his murder at the hands of Claudius, and ordering him to avenge his death.
"I play soldiers in the first and second act, including spotting the ghost of Hamlet's father. But I'm also part of the action ensemble, running around playing courtiers and so on.
Siebels has inserted some clever touches in this year's production, including an allusion by one of the characters to "A Christmas Carol'' being similar to "Hamlet,'' in that without the Ghost of Hamlet's Father, there would be no "Hamlet,'' and therefore, without the Ghost of Jacob Marley, there would be no "A Christmas Carol.''
Most of the characters come crashing at high speed through the time-served doors although the ghost of Hamlet's father appears through the walls with an electric crackle and a flash of neon, a ninja-like figure in fencing gear and of greenish hue.
Greg Hicks, who takes the double role of the murderous Claudius and the Ghost of Hamlet's father, provides a reptilian study in unrepentant evil.
One of the most famous scenes in literature is the one where the ghost of Hamlet's father appears.
They begin to express a nationalist longing, she argues, focusing especially on the figure of the ghost of Hamlet's father.
Wilson Knight calls "the embassy of death" (1930).In Tony Richardson's 1969 Hamlet film, no actor appears as the ghost of Hamlet's father. Nicol Williamson in the role of the Prince enters an uncannily-lit, throbbing, brick tunnel, where he hears his own voice speaking the ghost's lines, to the amplified sound of a pounding heart.
McNally (Claudius), Ian Drysdale (Osric), Alex Waldman (Laertes), Ron Cook (Polonius), Penelope Wilton (Gertrude), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Ophelia), Peter Eyre (Ghost of Hamlet's Father, Player King), John MacMillan (Rosencrantz), Gwilym Lee (Guildenstern), and others.
He came back to television in the late 1970s, and appeared as the ghost of Hamlet's father in 2003.