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The GNU interpreter for PostScript and PDF, with previewers for serval systems and many fonts. Ghostscript was originally written by L. Peter Deutsch <> of Aladdin Enterprises. The first public release was v1.0 on 1988-08-11.

Latest version: 8.11, as of 2003-08-29.

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A package of PostScript and PDF interpreters and conversion utilities commercially distributed by Artifex Software, San Rafael, CA ( Written in C and running on major platforms, Ghostscript is widely used in printers to provide PostScript and PDF support. It is also used in printer software that converts PostScript and PDF into raster formats as well as viewer applications that render PostScript and PDF on screen. In addition, Ghostscript can be used to convert from PostScript to PDF and vice versa.

An open source version is available under the GPL license. For more information, visit

Aladdin to Artifex to artofcode
Ghostscript was developed by Dr. L. Peter Deutsch and first released under his Aladdin Enterprises label via the GPL license in 1991. Subsequently, Deutsch founded Artifex as the licensing agent for Ghostscript. When Deutsch retired in 2001, ownership was passed to artofcode LLC. See PostScript, PDF and CUPS.
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