see GhorGhor,
, or Ghur
, mountainous region and province (1979 est. pop. 341,000), 14,085 sq mi (36,479 sq km), W central Afghanistan, including a ruined medieval city of the same name. Chagcharan is the provincial capital.
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, Afghanistan.
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Last year, gunmen in central Ghowr province executed 15 Hazara civilians traveling in a minibus.
HERAT, September 15, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Ghowr authorities said 16 election centres in three districts of the province would remain closed due to security reasons.
In that first report we mentioned that at least one American training camp was located in either Ghowr or Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.
In Ghowr province in the centre of Afghanistan many inhabitants have had to sell everything they own, including -- disastrously -- their livestock.
air strikes, in Badghis Province, and in the Ghowr provincial capital Chaghcharan.
An official at the alliance embassy in Germany claimed its forces captured the town of Ghowr.