see GhorGhor,
, or Ghur
, mountainous region and province (1979 est. pop. 341,000), 14,085 sq mi (36,479 sq km), W central Afghanistan, including a ruined medieval city of the same name. Chagcharan is the provincial capital.
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, Afghanistan.
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According to Anamta Rafique Ghur, who used to study at Szabist, they didn't have any counsellor or therapist within the university at least while she was there nearly two years ago.
Caption: 6 Jam-Firuzkuh in the Ghur province of central Afghanistan.
The Acting District Nazim said that the district government along with the officials of the Agriculture Department will visit Uzbekistan in connections with the export of Ghur.
Meanwhile, a civilian was injured in missile shelling hit several areas of Razih district as well as artillery and missile shells were fired toward Ghur area of Ghamer border district and several areas of Munabeh border district of Saada.
TEHRAN (FNA)- ISIL terror group claimed on Monday that its militants have shot down a US attack helicopter in Afghanistan's Central Ghur Province.
with high quantity of sugar, ghur or shakar and heavy amount of dry fruits for keeping their children fit and avoid cold affects in cold season.
I've been waiting for Ghur to turn up on the AW, and was very tempted to put her up for the nursery (7.25), but the terrible record of stall one over a mile has put me off.
Beginning as a community of traders, like our letter writer, who traveled as far as China and India along the branches of the Silk Route, with time Jews settled permanently in cities like Kabul, Ghur, and Herat.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.20 Lucy Minaj, 2.50 Ghur, 3.20 Gregorian (nb), 3.50 Colbyor, 4.20 Catwalk (nb), 4.50 Red Tyke, 5.20 Royal Swain.
Ghur made a promising start at Carlisle and can go one place better in the British Stallion Studs Supporting British Racing EBF Maiden Stakes.
Ber (U), 4.###Leaves are crushed and mixed with ghur (Desi sugar) and soap and
We selected ninety-one different types of transgender for in-depth interviews and case studies from six deras2 from Ghanta Ghur Gol Bagh and its surroundings.