Giovanni Battista Riccioli

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Riccioli, Giovanni Battista


Born Apr. 17, 1598, in Ferrara; died June 25, 1671, in Bologna. Italian astronomer.

Riccioli’s work A lmagestum novum (New Almagest) was published in 1651. An encyclopedia of the astronomical knowledge of the time, the A Imagestum included the minutes of the trial of Galileo and the text of Galileo’s recantation. It also included a map of the moon, on which craters were named after astronomers.

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Giambattista Riccioli e il merito scientifico dei gesuiti nell'eta barocca.
Scientists who participated in this work include Paolo Toscanelli, the Dominican Egnatio Danti, the Jesuits Christopher Clavius, Francesco Mario Grimaldi, Giambattista Riccioli, and Honore Fabri, and finally Gian Domenico Cassini and his son Jacques.
Astronomer-craftsmen like Giambattista Riccioli, Giovanni Domenico Cassini, and their colleagues revamped older meridiane or built splendid new ones to exacting specifications in San Petronio (Bologna) and Saint Sulpice (Paris), and Santa Maria degli Angeli (Rome), among several others.