Giant's Causeway

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Giant's Causeway,

headland on the north coast of Moyle dist., N Northern Ireland, NE of Coleraine; est. as a national trust territory in 1961. Extending 3 mi (4.8 km) along the coast, it consists of thousands of basaltic columns of volcanic origin, forming three natural platforms (Little, Middle, and Grand Causeway). Several large caves and rock formations exist. According to legend, the Causeway was built for giants to travel across to Scotland. A ship of the Spanish Armada was wrecked in Port-na-Spania (Spanish Bay) nearby.

Giant’s Causeway


a surface of basaltic (less frequently, andesitic) lava exposed after the ablation of the upper vesicular layer and broken by vertical partings into prisms with five or six faces. The convex tops of the prisms resemble a roadway paved with giant blocks (0.5–1.5 m across).

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My grandfather was selling souvenirs from the Giant's Causeway in 1912 and my father built our first shop down at the stones in 1947.
The cyclists celebrate arriving at Giant's Causeway
Injury to Mick Kinane meant 53-year-old George Duffield got the Coral-Eclipse call, and the former jockey says: "I actually got offered three rides in the race, which was a nice reflection that people felt I was still riding well, and it wasn't straightforward, as Giant's Causeway wasn't a definite runner.
Torchbearer Peter Jack holds the Olympic torch aloft on the Giant's Causeway on the north coast of Ulster
One mother said: "I visited the Giant's Causeway last week with my husband and son and paid pounds 5 to park the car, even though I had read it is free to visit the Causeway.
Comparisons between Giant's Causeway and Footstepsinthesand were bound to happen - but even O'Brien was fuelling those remarks.
Inspired by the telluric, primordial geology of the famous Giant's Causeway in the north of Ireland, the three blocks that make up the hotel and apartment complex have craggy, massive facades, suggesting permanence and solidity in a rapidly changing urban environment.
With luxurious four-star accommodation, breakfast, dinner each evening and a day trip to the world-famous Giant's Causeway included in the price, and the city of Belfast at your fingertips, that's not a bad price
The answers available to Mr Heron were: A The Pennine Way, B The Road to the Isles, C Watling Street or D The Giant's Causeway.
It looked a little like McCarron's and Tiznow's gutsy victory over Giant's Causeway at the Breeders' Cup at Churchill Downs.