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Early, who joined BPI nearly seven years ago, worked with Gibbons for ten years at Cap Pub.
Manchester Crown Court heard that on the morning of her death Ms Parker, who had been in a relationship with Gibbons for about two years, was due to attend a jobs course in Rochdale.
While the Filipino community here welcomed Ancajas with open arms, Gibbons feels that Ancajas is now ready to be showcased in a city much bigger and more vibrant than Corpus Christi.
To build a new pool or spa, contact Gibbons Pools for a free consultation.
A new species of gibbon, an ape in the Hylobatidae family, was discovered in China by a group of scientists that also happen to be big fans of "Star Wars" films.
On September 11, 2013, Gibbons was sentenced to six months in prison.
His defence, Aftab Hussein, said Gibbons had forgotten to mention the pre-booked holiday when he was sentenced to the curfew.
The zoo has the most diverse collection of gibbons in the UK, including the agile, pileated, siamang and Northern white-cheeked species, all of which are endangered in the wild.
The development will house all four of the zoo's species of gibbon, all of which are endangered.
Gibbons worked as a master electrician, licensed plumber and HVACR, most recently at Invensys Co.
Scientists on Wednesday unveiled the genome of gibbons, a close cousin of humans genetically but still the most distantly related to people among the apes.
But the new year will bring renewed optimism that Gibbons case will be settled by FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber - and that he'll regain full health.