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(Hydrometeorological Publishing House), a scientific-technical publishing house in the organizational structure of the Main Office of the Hydrometeorological Service, attached to the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Located in Leningrad, with a branch in Moscow.

Gidrometeoizdat was founded in 1934 as the editorial and publishing department of the Central Administration of theUnited Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR, and since 1936 it has been called Gidrometeoizdat. It puts out scientific-technical literature, reference works, and practical, instructional, and popular science literature on meteorology, hydrology, and oceanography. Gidrometeoizdat publishes collections of the scientific papers of scientific research institutes and other institutions of the Hydrometeorological Service, methodological textbooks (Directions, Guidelines, and Instructions) on hydrometeorological measurement and its processing, special maps, atlases, and so forth. Its basic reference publications include Resources of USSR SurfaceWaters (published since 1965) and the Handbook on the Climate of the USSR (3rd ed., published since 1964). Gidrometeoizdat also publishes the monthly scientific-technical journal Meteorologiia i gidrologiia (Meteorology and Hydrology, since 1935), the popular science yearbook Cheloveki stikhiia (Man and the Elements, since 1962), and the Biulleten’ Vsemirnoi meteorologicheskoi organizatsii (Bulletin of the World Meteorological Organization, since 1968). The volume of Gidrometeoizdat output in 1970 was 20 million printed sheets.


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