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In any given issue area, political decisions usually result from bargaining, negotiations, and related politics, mainly amongst competing bureaucracies (Allison 1971, Downs 1967, Giessen and Krott 2009, Hubo and Krott 2013, Krott 1990, Krott and Hasanagas 2006, Peters 2010, Peters and Pierre 2007, Stern and Verbeek 1998), which may be state, domestic, or foreign actors (cf.
Kuglitsch: You grew up and were educated in Switzerland, and are currently a professor and the head of the Geography Department at Justus Liebig University of Giessen in Germany.
Schmitz DAAD awarded a grant to finance exchange semester studies for Kazan and Giessen students.
On the project commissioned by Stadtwerke Giessen - the local utility company serving Giessen - the Bosch CHP unit is rated for an electrical output of 1,999kW and a thermal output of 2,600kW.
The first phase of the therapy - the infusion of nanoparticles - was performed at the University Giessen.
His lasting achievement was the introduction in Giessen of the laboratory-based teaching of chemistry.
L Ghiraldini, M Castrogiovanni, Q Geldenhuys, C van Zyl, A Zanni, Mauro Bergamasco, S Parisse Replacements: F Ongaro, A Lo Cicero, M Bortolami, P Derbyshire, E Gori, R Bocchino, L McLean USA: C Wyles; T Ngwenya, P Emerick, A Suniula, J Paterson; R Suniula, M Petri; M MacDonald, C Biller, M Moeakiola, J van der Giessen, H Smith, L Stanfill, T Clever, N Johnson Replacements: P Thiel, S Pittman, S LaValla, P Danahy, T Usasz, N Malifa, B Scully Venue: Trafalgar Park, Nelson Referee: G Clancy (Ireland) Weather forecast: Fine and dry, W wind 6mph, 9C
The internal laboratory records of the microbiology department of the Giessen Veterinary Faculty (Institute for Hygiene and Infectious Diseases of Animals, Giessen, Germany) noted an increase in antimicrobial drug--resistant Acinetobacter isolates.
Parahuleva, Ali Erdogan Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiology and Angiology, University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg, Giessen-Germany
After retirement he taught at Freie Theologische Hochschule, Giessen, Germany (1994-98).
The study was carried out by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen in Germany, and the Universities of Bern and Madrid.
Koyro from Justus-Leibig University, Giessen, Germany, visiting ISHU under a bilateral collaboration between Pakistan and Germany was also present on the occasion.