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1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
2. a pointed tool used in masonry
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A social networking service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2017. Like Parler, Gab features uncensored free speech and attracts conservative and alt-right members. In early 2021, after Amazon stopped hosting the Parler service, Gab membership increased dramatically. See alt-right, Parler and social networking service.

Speak Freely!
Gab emphasizes that its platform lets people say what is on their mind no matter how controversial.
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And the man with the gift of the gab says, 'I can talk so well, but I just cannot sell!' When Rupert was shown in to see his customer, Mr Jones was staring out the window disconsolately.
We have the gift of the gab and I've got the gift and the gab."
Manilla, which is sponsored by Manilla Public Relations, Integrity Records, MacColl Media and Gift of the Gab Records, is based in Cafe Bahia on Linthorpe Road, and you can find more information on the club's website at, or by following the team on Twitter - @ manillacycling or Facebook - Manilla Cycling.
Rumour has it Olivier, also 46, didn't have the gift of the Gab and a brawl broke out.
But when word gets out to the animals that Griffin will soon be leaving, they realize the only way to keep him around is to reveal they have the gift of the gab. Perhaps with a little dating advice from his friends in the animal kingdom, this lonely zookeeper will manage to meet the girl of his dreams without losing the job he loves.
Because Jim does have the gift of the gab, he's just twisted it for his own sick purposes - and that is to avoid being brought back into the boardroom.
Kissing the stone is reckoned to give you the gift of the gab. Certainly in the car afterwards, I couldn't stop talking about the views from the top.
A YOUTH from a Warwickshire school with the gift of the gab has won a regional public speaking competition.
The shop is also looking for someone good with figures who can help report on its performance and there's also a role for those with the gift of the gab, who would enjoy contacting local organisations to encourage donations.
He had also performed brilliantly in the build-up, however, fully utilising his gift of the gab to gain publicity and boost the profile of an intriguing contest.
So, this is a warning - just because a person wears a nice suit and has the gift of the gab - do not be fooled; underneath may lurk a snake who will betray your trust and exploit your hard work.
Don't rush to complete things you would not be happy to put your name to, with your gift of the gab you should be able to smooth talk even the most difficult of faces today.