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(computer science)
A unit of computer speed, equal to 109 flops.


(GFLOPS) One thousand million (10^9) floating point operations per second.

One of them is strictly "one gigaflops" in the same way that one mile per hour isn't 1 MP.

See prefix.


(GIGAFLoating point OPerations per Second) One billion floating point operations per second. See FLOPS.
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The Myriad 2 VPU housed inside the Movidius Neural Compute Stick provides powerful, yet efficient performance - more than 100 gigaflops of performance within a 1W power envelope - to run real-time deep neural networks directly from the device.
Intel also announced the Phi SE10X and SE10P processors with 61 cores and 1,073 gigaflops of computing power.
3 GHz PowerPC G5 processors with over 35 gigaflops of processing power per system.
It is based on the Linpack benchmark, which measures a computer's floating-point rate of executing linear equations and is expressed in Gigaflops (Gflop/s) or billions of floating point operations per second.
According to Cupertino, California-based Apple, Xserve G5 is about 60% more powerful than its PowerPC G4-based Xserve predecessor, and delivers 30 gigaflops of processing power per 1U rack-mount server.
Intel is keen on lowering the cost of a gigaflops of computing power, and increasing the performance and lowering the price of the chip because it has smaller cache should do this.
A laboratory for the earth and space sciences, computing managers there threw down a gauntlet to develop a $50,000 gigaFLOPS workstation for processing satellite data sets.
They took hundreds of PCs and linked them into a single machine that achieves and sustains scientific computing performance of more than 10 Gigaflops - over ten billion operations per second.
2 gigaflops of processing power to performing geometric transformations and accelerating image processing.
Tesla M2090, which has 512 CUDA parallel processing cores, delivers 665 gigaflops of peak double-precision performance, enabling application acceleration by up to 10 times, compared to using a processing unit (CPU) alone, Nvidia said.
As the world's highest-performance general-purpose CPU, the processor offers both performance and energy efficiency, achieving a computational speed of 128 gigaflops per CPU.