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city (2010 pop. 208,453), Maricopa co. S central Ariz., suburb of Phoenix, located S of Mesa and E of Chandler; inc. 1920. Founded at the site of a railroad siding on property owned by William Gilbert, it was once known as the hay shipping capital of the world. Gilbert has experienced rapid growth since 1980, when it had a population of 5,717. There is irrigated agriculture on the urban fringes, including alfalfa, wheat, cotton, fruits, and vegetables, and concrete, rubber and plastic products, apparel, and machinery are manufactured. A campus of Park Univ. is there. Tonto National Forest lies to the northeast, and Saguaro National Park to the south.
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the unit of magnetomotive force or the difference in magnetic potentials in the Gaussian or in the cgs electromagnetic absolute systems of units. Named in honor of the British physicist W. Gilbert, it is abbreviated Gb; 1 gilbert = 0.795775 ampere (the unit of magnetomotive force in the International System of Units).

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The unit of magnetomotive force in the electromagnetic system, equal to the magnetomotive force of a closed loop of one turn in which there is a current of 1/(4π) abamp.
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1. Grove Karl. 1843--1918, US geologist who pioneered the study of river development and valley erosion
2. Sir Humphrey. ?1539--83, English navigator: founded the colony at St John's, Newfoundland (1583)
3. William. 1540--1603, English physician and physicist, noted for his study of terrestrial magnetism in De Magnete (1600)
4. Sir W(illiam) S(chwenck). 1836--1911, English dramatist, humorist, and librettist. He collaborated (1871--96) with Arthur Sullivan on the famous series of comic operettas, including The Pirates of Penzance (1879), Iolanthe (1882), and The Mikado (1885)
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