Gilliéron, Jules

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Gilliéron, Jules


Born Dec. 21, 1854, in Neuveville; died Apr. 26, 1926, in Schernelz. Swiss linguist.

Gilliéron graduated from the academy in Neufchatel in 1875 and studied in Basel and Paris. He was a professor at the School of Higher Studies from 1876 to 1926. Gilliéron taught French dialectology (from 1883) and German (from 1879) at Chaptal College. He founded the journal Revue des patois gallo-romanes (1887–93) and the French Dialectological Society (1893–1900). He was the author of works on dialectology and linguistic geography. Gillieron published a linguistic atlas of France with E. Edmond.


Atlas linguistique de la France. Paris, 1902–23.
Les Etudes de géographic linguistique. Paris, 1912. (With J. Mongin and M. Roques.)
La Généalogie des mots qui designent I’abeille. Paris, 1918.
Pathologic et thérapeutique verbales. Paris, 1921.