Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan’s Island

comedy about a party shipwrecked on a South Pacific island. [TV: Terrace, I, 312–313]
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I was not going to look like the Professor front [the original] Gilligan's Island, who could build a bamboo satellite but [not] a raft," he notes with a laugh.
Speaking of home, if I don't wrap up this editorial, I might not get home in time for today's rerun of Gilligan's Island.
Large sets of hand axes found on the island suggest a fairly substantial population size, downplaying the Gilligan's Island scenario, in Strasser's view.
How I Escaped From Gilligan's Island and Other Misadventures of a Hollywood Writer-Producer.
Author John Rich worked as a television producer and director on The Dick Van Dyke Show, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Barney Miller, Gilligan's Island, and other successful American television series.
Boat owners also voted the Loch Ness Monster as the most popular fictitious character with Popeye and The Skipper from Gilligan's Island tying for fifth place.
The series, set at an all-ape cable television network, gets into the nostalgia swing with parodies of such classic television series as I Love Lucy, Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, The Partridge Family, Charlie's Angels and The Andy Griffith Show.
To a Yanqui viewer, his installation was a little reminiscent of Gilligan's Island, only less insipid and sadder, which is perhaps what it f eels like to be an ambitious artist living on Cuba.
They may not have been on Gilligan's Island, but these D.
This is especially true in late winter, when storms generate waves so large they crash over the oil pier that runs from the beach to an artificial reef known locally as Gilligan's Island (and officially as Rincon Island).
Players haven't been above creating Sims worlds featuring Spider-Man or the cast of Gilligan's Island.
Ed said Preston reminded him of a youthful Skipper from Gilligan's Island.