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Unlike True Love, which stalks Ginevra and transforms her into a heroine, religious love would have immured her in a convent where Lucy would have been "counting [her] beads in the cell of a certain convent," having become an insignificant and marginal victim who is unworthy of a narrative.
The face of Ginevra is a composite drawing where the three-quarter view is fused with that of the full face.
At a party with Ginevra, Fitzgerald was pointedly told that "Poor boys shouldn't think of marrying rich girls" (Ledger 170).
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The "Queen's Day" in question here is Shrove Sunday, 13 February 1564, when Catherine of Medici, Queen Mother of France, produced two lavish court spectacles at Fontainebleau: a Bergerie composed by Ronsard and published in revised form the following year in his Elegies, Mascarades et Bergerie, and a five-act dramatic adaptation of the Ginevra episode of Ariosto's Orlando furioso (4.
Ginevra Spriggs, aged 35, of St Thomas Road, Longford, Coventry, assaulting a special constable, community order for one year, participation in the Think First programme, compensation of pounds 75 to be paid.
Christophe Ginevra, * ([dagger])([double dagger]) Frangoise Forey, * ([dagger])([double dagger]) Christine Campese, ([section]) Monique Reyrolle, * ([dagger]))[double dagger]) Didier Che, ([section]) Jerome Etienne, * ([dagger])([double dagger]) and Sophie Jarraud * ([dagger])([double dagger])
There are elements of clothing that Frick does not mention that would be enormously interesting to art historians, namely stoles or other signs of mourning, presumably like the one worn by Ginevra da Benci in Leonardo's portrait now in Washington.
Idealized lovers of Medicean Florence such as Lucrezia Donati, Ginevra de' Benci, and Simonetta Cattani, while celebrated in poetry and art, experienced private and familial distress from their renown as objects of public admiration.
Other writers considered here include Francesca Sanvitale, Francesca Duranti, Rosetta Loy, Fabrizia Ramondino, Edith Bruck, Giuliana Morandini, Marta Morazzoni, Sandra Petrignani, Elisabetta Rasy, and Ginevra Bompiani.
The drawing is the first discovery of a new Da Vinci work since the 1930s when the Ginevra de' Benci and the Madonna Of The Carnation were attributed to him.
Suo fratello Pietro, anch'egli senza figli maschi, aveva una figlia, Ginevra, che, sposata a Marcantonio Serego, era madre di un maschio, Pieralvise.